What We Believe


We believe that strong community is necessary for lasting spiritual growth, and Gilead is committed to being that kind of community; or that kind of home. As individuals and as a family we are committed to cooperating with God's process of change in our lives. We do this by:

  • H armonizing Our Lives with our Father and family
  • O pening Our Hearts to God's truth
  • M eeting Others' Needs through meaningful ministry
  • E ngaging Our World with the gospel and love of Jesus.

This is the kind of HOME that we are building here at Gilead and our ministries and meetings are designed to support that work. We pray that God will call you to join this journey with us.


Photo by Sean824/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Sean824/iStock / Getty Images


The bend in the river that sits behind the current Gilead Baptist Church building greets its onlookers with the soothing sounds of running water. However, if that river could talk it would have much to say, for the banks of the Nolin have witnessed a mighty and historical work of God.

In 1824 nineteen charter members formed Gilead Baptist Church. Warren Cash, a revolutionary war veteran under General Washington, was the founding pastor and remained so for the first 16 years of the church’s existence. The deep historical roots are a constant reminder of God’s providential and sustaining work that God established many years ago. The church has seen several wars including the Civil War which afforded the opportunity to minister to troops at Camp Nevin. Depression, abundance, and everything in between have been experienced. After all of this, the church still thrives.

Gilead has a wonderful legacy of caring for children. Gilead was the church home of the children residing down the road at the Kentucky Baptist Children’s Home for approximately seventy years. At one time approximately 200 children from the home attended Gilead, leading its members in the early 1950’s to build a sizeable auditorium that has now been filled. The legacy of caring for children is one that continues to this day.

Our history is a constant reminder of the powerful impact of people with faith. Nineteen people gathered with a vision that has accumulated to a work of God beyond the imagination that currently touches masses of people. We too want to be those who bless the generations to come through our vision for the future.

Photo by Jupiterimages/Stockbyte / Getty Images
Photo by Jupiterimages/Stockbyte / Getty Images